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Orange Pumps is owned and operated by the Davey family who have a long history of designing, manufacturing and marketing water pumps in Australia.

In 1934 Frank Davey began his business by servicing the market gardener’s automobiles at the Queen Victoria Market in North Melbourne. The business has since expanded from auto-electrical repair to Davey Water Pumps. In 1967 Don Davey started Onga Pumps which developed a range of products for the water supply industry in Australia and overseas. The company prospered which induced a change in the equity structure.

In 1996 Don Davey started Orange Pumps with the strategy of utilising the global supply chain. At this time China had not entered the World Trade Organization nor developed it’s manufacturing strength. Orange Pumps pioneered this business model which enables us to deliver high quality products at affordable prices. James Davey with a team of experienced managers now operate the day to day business of Orange Pumps.


Philmac – proudly developing and manufacturing products in Adelaide, South Australia since 1929. Philmac achieving success through a commitment to Australian manufacturing and a continuous improvement in quality, product design, innovation and customer service.

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