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Orange Pump HT100-PM

Orange Pump HT100-PM


Regenerative turbine impeller efficiency;

Totally enclosed fan motor for longevity;

Heavy duty motor with wide voltage range;

Plug & Play electrical leads ;



Compact economical 300 Watt motor;

Easy to install swivel connector;

Loss of water pump protection;

Automatic start/stop water flow; 

  • Technical Specifications

    Model Switch Switch Type Cut In Tank
    HT100-PM PM10 PressMatic 10 metres Not Supplied

    Technical Specifications

    Model Watts Inlet/Outlet Amps IP Rating Shaft Seal Temp. Fluid
    HT100-PM 300 watts 1 inch / 1 inch 1.5 amps IP52 Carbon Ceramic/Nitrile 65℃


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