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Zodiac Calcium Down 1 Litre

Zodiac Calcium Down 1 Litre

Zodiac Calcium Down decreases calcium hardness.


Active constituent : 370g/L Hydroxethylidene Diphosphonic Acid Complex

  • General Instructions

    1. This product is used for decreasing calcium. The ideal calcium range is between 175-350 ppm;

    2. Backwash or clean filter before starting treatment and ensure pressure stays within the manufacturer's recommended range;

    3. Before use, increase the pH level to 7.8-8.2 and maintain these levels during the treatment period of 72 hours;

    4. Apply the product evenly around the edges of the pool.

    5. Operate filter continuously for 72 hours;

    6. Backwash or clean filter 24 hours of applying the product;

    7. Following the treatment period, reduce the pH back to normal levels of 7.2-7.6;

    8. Back wash or clean the filter again.

    NOTE - Due to high calcium levels, water colour may change during the application. Water clarity and sparkle will return once the treatment is complete. Subject to the variations in the local water source and the filtration, the calcium reduction process can take up to two weeks. This product helps reduce calcium scale formation on pool surfaces and equipment, and it will also keep trace metals such as iron and copper in solution to prevent staining of pool surfaces. A maintenance dosage rate may be required to ensure that calcium levels remain within the recommended range.

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