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Zodiac Metal Remover 1 litre

Zodiac Metal Remover 1 litre

Zodiac metal remover removes metals from water.


Active constituent : 445g/L Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid complex

  • General Instructions

    1. For best results, pool water pH should be at 7.5 or above when the treatment begins. For Copper or Silver ion treated pools , remove elecctrodes or turn off ionizer for 5 days;

    2. For pools with iron, copper, manganese or other metals present in the water, apply over entire pool surface with filter system running;

    3. Regular use of this product will keep the water clean and the pool shell and plumbing in good condition;

    4. Do not add more than recommended dosage. For best results use in early afternoon or evening with water temperature above 15C, and run pump for 24 hours;

    5. Once dissolved, metals are transported to the filter where they can be removedby backwashing or filter cleaning.


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