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Zodiac Salt Water Boost 500g

Zodiac Salt Water Boost 500g

Zodiac Salt Water Boost controls bacteria and algae in outdoor  swimming pools. This product is stabilised to increase the longevity of chlorine in outdoor pools.


Active constituent : 504g/kg present as Sodium Dichloroioicyanurate. Also contains 100g/kg of Sodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate 

  • General Instructions

    Dissolve granules in water prior to doing, or add directly to pool water. The correct level of free chlorine should be maintained for several hours before and during swimming activity. Chlorine levels and pH should be tested daily by use of a reliable test kit using fresh teting reagents.

    If pH falls below the required level add dry alkalai, it is rises above add dry acid or hydrochloric acid. Dose pool in the evening when the pool is not in use. 

    Stabiliser levels MUST be tested fortnightly by ue of a reliable test kit. Once stabiliser levels reach 100mg/L DO NOT use this product until stabiliser levels fall below that level.

    INSTEAD use an unstabilised chlorine product to maintain free chlorine levels.

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should stabiliser concentrations be allowed to exceed 100mg/L. If 100mg/L of stabiliser is exceeded the ability of the chlorine to control algae and bacteria is reduced.

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