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Zodiac Spa Bromine Sanitiser tablets 1kg

Zodiac Spa Bromine Sanitiser tablets 1kg

Zodiac Spa Bromine sanitiser tablets kills and controls bacteria and algae in spas.


Active constituent : 650g/kg available Bromine and 280g/kg available Chlorine (CI) present as BROMOCHLORODIMETHYLHYDANTON

  • General Instructions

    Bromine has been especially designed for use in spas and hot tubs. Before dosing the spa or hot tub, it is recommended:

    1. The filtration system is properly cleaned and back washed;

    2. Brominating tablets may be used in various automatic feed dispensers (brominators) or placed in a refillable plastic dispenser for use in the skimmer box or as a floater;

    3. pH should be tested once per day using fresh testing reagents. If it falls below the required level add dry alkali, if it rises add dry acid.

    4. Bromine levels should be tested daily by use of reliable test kit using fresh testing reagents.

    5. Dosage rates indicated are only a guide , as the rate of dissolving is affected by water temperature, flow rate, bather load and other environmental conditions. It is recommended to start with 4-6 tablets. The correct level of free bromine as per chart should be maintained for several hours prior to and during swimming activity. To increase bromine levels, operate the pump longer or add more tablets;

    6. It is recommended that after using the spa, always run the filter and pump for 1-2 hours and shock dose.

    7. It is recommended that 10% of spa water be drained each week, topped up and water rebalanced.

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