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Zodiac Spa Pipe cleaner 250ml

Zodiac Spa Pipe cleaner 250ml

Zodiac Spa pipe cleaner removes organic contaminates from pipes..


Active constituent : 80g/L Benzalkonium Chloride.

  • General Instructions

    1. Remove the filter cartridge if one is fitted;

    2. Turn filter on and run for 1 hour;

    3. Turn blower on and off several times;

    4. Empty water and clean filter using Spa Cartridge cleaner;

    5. As the pipes under the spa bath are often flexible, it is recommended that they be flushed out after degreasing. Simply attach a hose into the jets and use water pressure to clear pipes of any residue;

    6. Wipe out spa bath using a cloth with a small amount of Spa Pipe cleaner on it. Rinse bath with clean damp cloth.

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