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At Valley Rural, we stock a wide range of Echo and Shindaiwa Blowers.


ECHO developed the world’s first ever power blower in 1970. Following that, the first ever handheld power blower and the first “quiet” power blower.

ECHO’s range of blowers feature handheld lightweight models, heavy duty powerhouse backpack blowers, cordless battery powered models as well as our patented Shred ’n’ Vac systems for blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves.


Dedicated to enhancing performance and comfort, our Anti Vibe technology minimises vibration and sway, drastically reducing operator fatigue and making our blowers a breeze to use.


Rotational control reduces the gyro effect, meaning unlike other blowers, ECHO blowers create a slight pull away from the operator’s legs, reducing wrist strain and exertion. So, if you’re looking for an industry leading blower, ECHO has the product for you.

Japanese made, all ECHO products come with a 5 year Domestic or 2 year Commercial warranty.

ECHO Blower


Powerful, light weight and built to last. Whatever nature throws at you, with a Shindaiwa blower in your hand, you can be sure to give as good as you get. Leaves lie thick on paths and walkways, yet your Shindaiwa blasts away debris wherever you tread, with ease, power and agility.

Fire it up. Strap yourself in. Rely on Shindaiwa. 

​All Shindaiwa products come with a 5 year Domestic or 2 year Commercial Warranty.

Shindaiwa Blower
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