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At Valley Rural, we stock a wide range of Apparent herbicides in addition to our outdoor equipment sales and servicing.

We also offer Weed Spraying services - view our services page for more information. 


APPARENT Ag is a leading supplier of products that protect crops, pastures, gardens & lawns from weeds, insects, pests & disease.

Our focus is to provide farmers and householders the most reliable, high quality product at the right price. Apparent is your choice for quality & value.

Apparent product - like all players in the market are imported, be that of the active ingredient or the fully formulated chemical itself. We buy from only select & highly credible production plants overseas that share our vision for quality. Many of these plants also supply the multinational corporations engaged in the crop protection industry, often with their proprietary molecules. Many of these plants produce only for the export market and, therefore, are familiar with the product quality demanded by APVMA and Australian farmers.

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