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How to know when your chainsaw needs sharpening?

We offer a quick turnaround chain sharpening services, as well as full servicing and repairs.

But how do you know if your chainsaw needs a service or chain sharpen?

Check out our quick tips on how to check if your chainsaw needs sharpening:

  1. Dig out your chainsaw manual or search online for a copy. You will need to know the type of chain and sharpening specs before you start.

  2. Ensure you have basic protective gear, even just to inspect your chainsaw – gloves and eye wear.

  3. Make sure your chainsaw is off.

  4. Wipe the oil and grease off the chain.

  5. Inspect the chain for:

  • Any cracked or broken cutters

  • Burned, bent or cracked drive links

  • Worn areas of chain

  • Loose rivets – you shouldn’t be able to turn them

When using your chainsaw, these can also be signs that your chain needs sharpening or replacing:

  • You notice issues with chain tension

  • Smoke when cutting

  • Sawdust, instead of coarse chips are left behind

  • Chainsaw feels unbalanced, cuts unevenly, or rattles

If your chain is visibly broken or has significant cracks, the best thing to do is repair it or replace it. If you feel confident, you can do this yourself, otherwise give us a call or drop in and we can take a look at your chainsaw or help you buy and fit a new chain.

Contact us:

(03) 9081 2722

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