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Industry leading high powered professional loop-handle brushcutter with high torque.

  • Technical Specifications

    Product Details.

    Engine displacement (cm³) 36.3
    Output (kw) 1.4
    Output (ps) 1.9
    Dry Weight (kg) 6.1
    Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.85
    Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 0.92
    Carburettor Diaphragm
    Start Assist System Decomp
    Drive shaft type Solid shaft
    Drive shaft diameter (mm) 7.0
    Main pipe diameter (mm) 25.0
    Gear reduction ratio 1.62
    Standardised Nylon Head Z5M10L
    Standardised Nylon Head (Item Number) X047-000332
    Vibration Left handle/Right handle (m/s) Nylon head 5.8 / 3.9
    Sound power level (dB(A)) Blade/Nylon head - / 106.5
    Sound pressure level (dB(A)) Blade/Nylon head - / 94.5
    CO² (g/kW・h) 1 832
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