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Zodiac Liquid Flocculant 1 litre

Zodiac Liquid Flocculant 1 litre

Zodiac liquid flocculant clears very cloudy water.


Active constituent : Poly Aluminium Chloride

  • General Instructions

    1. For best results, raise pH to approximately 8.2;

    2. Set filter to "RECIRCULATE'. Where thi setting is not available, remove filter cartridges before operating filter;

    3. Turn filter on;

    4. Dilute the product in a bucket of pool water , and apply the solution evenly around the edges of the pool;

    5. Operate the filter for 1-2 hours;

    6. Turn the filter off for 12-24 hours until the ediment settles;

    7. Vacuum sediment to waste;

    8. Replace filter cartridges if they have been removed;

    9. Resume normal filtration;

    10. Adjust pH to 7.2-7.6 and ensure chlorine levels are normal;

    11. In extreme cases a second treatment may be necesary.

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